Welcome To Closet Mode

Welcome To Closet Mode

Hi everyone and welcome to Closet Mode. Today I will be talking about Trends. The year 2018 is all about exciting and vibrant colors, stripes, sheer, florals, and sparkles. So, everyone reading this, I just want you all to know …just because it’s a trend, doesn’t mean you need to wear it! You wear what makes you feel beautiful and confident, and that’s your personal style.

Let’s start off with one of my favorites, the stripes! Stripes are being worn in all types of fabrics as well as tops, skirts, pants and even shoes. Keep in mind ladies, stripes can be tricky if they are vertical, at times the effect is on the larger side.  On pants, you will be seeing a lot of stripes along the outer edge. The stripes start at the waistline and down the leg. It’s a beautiful slimming look, and come on …who doesn’t want that? Make them your FANCY FEEL GOOD PANTS!

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Bold and Beautiful
Oh, these bright colors! They are going to make a lot of people so happy, and maybe make others step out of their comfort zone! Bright vibrant colors are in and they are gorgeous! You can mix and match them with ease, for example, yellow with reds. If perhaps you feel like it’s too much color for you, do a colorful top, and a subtle bottom color like white or black. I love adding a little color to my feet! I love wearing black, white and vibrant blue, hot pink, or red heels!

Sexy in Sheer

Sheer, skin-revealing!! Ladies let’s get a little risky!! If you like a little sexiness to your outfit or maybe break up the fabrics this may be your look for this season. A cute top with the top half in satin and bottom half in a sheer….oooohhhh so so so cuuute ! Wear a cute bralette with a floral sheer top, what an eye-catching trend . Adding a sheer Kumon to any spring or summer outfit always adds some style as well. Too much sheer could be more of the evening look. Work it girly!

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Flowers, Floral, Bold Patterns
This is one of my favorites…BUT, this is a big BUT! Not that kind of but, well I do have a big BUTT, not that I love it, BUT I make it work. Florals and bold patterns, I love florals BUT, it totally depends on the type of flower print. This is strictly my personal style, you wear what makes you beautiful. Floral tops, floral skirts, floral loose pants, I just love them all, mix them up with the bold patterns…you will surprise yourself!. You can match the florals with so many different colors, matching the flower designs. IT’S ENDLESS! oh my oh my oh my, I almost forgot, what about the floral shoes ?? EEAAK ! That’s going to be amazing ! Cute floral shoes to match your Spring time outfit.

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Sparkles for Day or Night
Daytime Sparkles, are a big hit ! I love sparkles in the daytime because you can wear them casually to work or you can take off that blazer and get dancing! Definitely show off the sparkle on tee shirts, blazers, or shoes. Wear them with very little jewelry as this could make or break the outfit. I love a sparkle top with hoop earrings! Adding a pop of sparkle as your handbag…ooo my favorite! Simple and classy.

Fringe for Spring and Summer of 2018
Last one! The fringes, yes for those of you that are my age, this was not a big hit growing up, and I think I really like it now that I’m in my 40’s…oooo did I say that? The Kardasian’s are wearing fringe belt to give the outfit a trendy look. I love that you can see the sexiness of your outfit, yet so much texture. Fringe earrings, you will be seeing these everywhere! The earrings come in all colors, they match all boho like, country outfits!
Hope all you gorgeous women, enjoy and got some useful information from me. I will be posting more soon, as well as live video via Facebook! Look me up and give me a big thumbs up and share my page! You can also follow me on Instagram. Let’s connect.
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Armoire To Destiny

Armoire To Destiny

Are you looking for a way to give back to other women?

Armoire to Destiny is a non-profit organization that gives to mothers in need. A clothing donation service organized by Closet Mode, you can donate your gently used clothing items to mothers focused on providing a brighter future for their children. How easy is it to go through your closet and pick out a minimum of 5-7 items in excellent condition that you have never worn or haven’t worn in years? Plus how good will it feel to provide to a mother who needs it more than you.

When can you Give an Outfit?
I personally set up in-house “pop-up” boutiques at colleges. Qualified mothers select from a variety of attire in which I style and prepare. This service will prepare these lovely ladies for interviews and/or commencing their careers.
All clothing/accessories are 100% donated at no cost. Support me in guiding mothers with professional presentation attire and confidence. With your donation, this will open opportunities to mothers and their children’s successful career paths. Want to learn more about how you can be a part of a great organization?
Please contact me for more information or to get involved.